Sidestreet Club Tribute

Club Tribute

In Memory of Raymond Stolz


Golden Age Nostalgia has always fascinated me. Listening to my grandfather’s stories and his experiences of living in that era of time are memories I will forever treasure. We would talk about life, travel, family, friends, movies, and music, usually listening to Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, Martin Denny, and Glen Miller, to name a few. We were extremely close, and our relationship was the foundation that these passions are developed from today. 

My Grandfather passed away in January of 2006, but never to be forgotten. It was a privilege to know and to love such a great man and to experience through his eyes, the glory days. Not only do I hold these memories dear to my heart, I wish to share them with you and to celebrate this wonderful time . . . at Sidestreet.


Shawn Dougherty, Founder